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Your Roadmap to Success 2.0 Launch / Overview Webinar

sir great value provided today ..
what I have learnt so far is
The basic problem is the mindset we need to correct that .
secondly a revenue source and a skill are the need of the time in order to move ahead in online buisness ..
Helping other people leads you to your destination
Only Dedicated and hardworking people will be able to make it to the top
Always keep Islam and ethics your priority
The initiative you have taken is a great one and seeing that you are so approacheble ( even after being so succesful) is inspiring

Jazak Allah khair for the efforts you put for us
Thinking Before watching Webinar: Why skill is Important. Online work is so simple and I can earn 5$/project.
After Watching Webinar
Ans: I can Earn $500/project after getting proper knowledge of Skill.
Skill will Never let You Down.