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OSAAS = “Onetime Software As A Service” Products

Yousaf Saeed

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Been a buyer of multiple SAAS products and worked with a few of the founders. Most of the LTD deals are not worth.

SAAS LTD is going towards a downward trend just like ClickBank > Warrior Forum >WarriorPlus > JVZoo > APPSUMO > (other sites).

The ones who get more experience and knowledge start moving away from such sites and platforms. Start with good intention but when they shifted the focus from core feature of the business that is customer satisfaction and focuses more towards generating more revenue, they lose the advantage.

Running a SAAS business is not that easy. It requires lots of recurring costs to maintain it. Most of the SAAS founders do LTD just get to get some quick money and run away. That’s why most of the LTD products are buggy, incomplete features, functions and are not eligible to be Launch at LTD.

SAAS business needs real recurring customers. LTD just works as a quick way to generate funds and get early customers to get feedback and input about the product.

Another interesting part is that LTD stands for Life Time Deal, which means it won’t or should not be offered again. But even then they bring the LTD for the same product again and again. Which is an indicator that SAAS products didn’t get many recurring customers. Hence they were forced to follow the same route of LTD to get the funds to run the product with the hope that it will give them more time to either get recurring customers or find out a way to exit (sold it).

That’s injustice with those early adopters who invested and support the SAAS Products and buy LTD. They buy it to stand out from their competitor and use it to grow there business and in return, they may upgrade to the higher package of those SAAS Products.

The early adopter loses that advantage when that SAAS Product brings LTD again and again. If they could just focus from the start that they are doing LTD for the sake of raising funds and do the working on how much accounts they need to sale to get the required funds, (instead of overburden with rush of new customers and don’t have system and process to accommodate them,) create awareness and bring early adopters to test and give feedback to improve, instead of making lots of money and ignore about product growth.

Those SAAS Products, who only rely on LTD will soon go out of the business.
As a buyer now I don’t make a decision on just base of LTD, I do it on the base of Founder’s reputation and achievements and credibility.

Last but not least. It is very easy to say your SAAS Product monthly price is $97 Per month i.e yearly $1,164 and as LTD you can get it from only $39 (save $1,125). When you don’t have any recurring member paying $97 per month or don’t have 12 months retention period.

They are using FOMO at their advantage.

Most of such SAAS Products should be called as OSAAS = “Onetime Software As A Service” Product

Not to forget. There are few good SAAS Products too who utilize the LTD in an effective way and truely serve the early adaptors and for the growth of the business.


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Good point.

Btw, if i have really good talent, and alot of money in back, i will definately work in SAAS products, experimenting different products, and which one will start getting retention, alot of money will be made.

really good updated interface.