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Opening a small business in a small town. Any advice?



For some time I've been planning to start a small business from my home with my present job and if successful I'll take it as full time and leave my job.
Some ideas come to my mind like start some Internet or ebay business or providing some kind of service.
Or, contact some wholesalers and sell from home with local ads etc. But I am still not clear that this is a good idea and which products I can sell.
Is there any one who can guide me for some small business which I could start from home in the beginning?
What books should I read?
Any good idea which could help me to start any small business. Hope the community can help me with some good ideas and guidance. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks in anticipation.

Fahim Anwar

Staff member
For some time I've been planning to start a small business...
Khelat98, Yes you can start your own business, but first, need to evaluate & learn which business you are interested in. If it requires, skills, learning & experience, then you need to spend time on it.

There are lot of resources and free learning around you. In online, you can search Youtube, and other Free Trainings that are available. Go through different business Models, and see which fits in with your passion and interest. Also, go through this Roadmap Program, which covers 11 different Business Models for you to understand online business.