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Muhammad Yousaf Saeed Introduction - IBT Founder - Mentor - Trainer - Flippa Supper Seller - Certified Digital Marketer


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A long hard work getting you the results sir. I stated from PTC site during my FSc. and start watching out people on social media. I heard about Flippa(almost 5 years ago by Sir Muhammad Faizan Khan) that how people sell their websites at high rates but I have no idea about website development at that time. I heard about ClickBank, MaxBounty, Peerfly (Affiliate Marketing -- Try to register accounts but rejected) and Fiverr (considering it for professionals), Freelancer.com(send few bids but in vain), I give up all as no one was there to guide or they demand high fees.
And after my degree and 2 years job in a local company, I feel there is no more growth, I quit in November 2018 and I join eRozgar Training program and start freelancing although I think its too late I move towards freelancing(due to high competition) but still confident. Your struggle, success story and mentoring will surely help me to grow INSHALLAH.