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How to Find Your Passion

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Hina HM

New member
I used to think of myself as an extrovert but after watching this Webinar and related content, I came to know that I am introverted.
Worth Watching:)
After watching this, you will realize your misconceptions about yourself.
By categorizing yourself in Love and Good quadrant of success you will find it easier to explore what you are as I did.
love+Good at (In acquiring and implementing knowledge)
Love+Not Good at (Communication, expressing my ideas in front of others)
Not love+Good at (daily tasks)
Not love + Not Good at (attending the functions and weddings)
I am collective, calm and focus on quality but at the same time reserved.


New member
Great efforts, but i have some questions.

1. a person who is working in a private sector and interested to work online, but he don't know about online work abc, how he can analyze himself about a field which is not introduced to him in any basic level.
2.online filed based on multiple platforms and i believe for new interested people you have to give each online platform practical examples. if someone knows only freelancer name or flipper just as name how you can expect him to give you a feedback.
3.you have more experience and you are thinking everyone should meet minimum to your 1% expectation, how come ?
4. I suggest you should categories the assessment as per each stage of road maps and end the all the above video should be there.
5. I spent 1:50 hour and I not able to summarize what you ask because no vision in online field.
6. your vision is clear may you are not agreed with my comments but on your platform I was looking road maps with guidelines on a basic to expert level.

Fahim Anwar

Staff member
Great efforts, but i have some questions.
Roadmap Program Purpose is to bring clarity & Understanding of these 11 Business Modules along with the General Roadmap. This program reflects the experience, learning & working of @Yousaf Saeed in these fields, which he has gone through them spanning 15 years of his life. The Program's sole purpose is to give you comprehensive info on and the Steps, Pros & Cons of each Module. After going through them step by step, and taking notes along with it, you have a Clear Picture of What to Do? How to Do? and aligning with your purpose & passion. Further learning, resources regarding each Business Models (Such as Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Social Media) requires efforts at your end.