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Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Muhammad Yousaf Saeed

if you are new to online business and have questions and doubts it is for you. it tells you the road map to the success , help you to save your precious time, guide you in the wright direction . it clears the misconception about the quick money from the online business without hard work. it motivates you to analyze your skill , position and capacity and convince you to come in online business with the proper plan and avoid failures. Sir guides you towards the complete road map that helps you to decide which online business you can succeed in . you must know how much time your business needs and how much time you have. you need to select the wright business model and the road map webinars help in it very effectively. job is not bad option , make it support for your online business. if you have option to do job , internship to have experience avail it. It will be helpful in managing your own online business. Do not do anything foolishly , understand it , take time check your level and do what is better for you. Focus on building your skill and then on its implementation.online business is very challenging, you need to prepare yourself for it , for working hard, need to build your skills, need to grow online, need to be patient .Be positive and stay among positive people. Share your positive energies with others and enjoy their energies in turn. Stay away from negative people. Forgive others to have calm life and to remain focused on your target. Connect with the people who are on the same path on which you are going. Only you can change your life but you need the support of the people to do it. They will support you only if you support yourself. Do not hate anybody forgive everyone, do not let hate drain your positive energy . Let use this energy to focus on your goals and for the welfare of others. Do not depend on others for everything, make effort on your end first , learn to use google and you-tube effectively to search the solution to your problem. Do ask your question from the mentor who is ever ready to help you.