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9 - Freelancing Roadmap Webinar 1

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1. Don't depend on freelancing for your basic income.
2. Make initial earning from freelancing as investment into it to boost the process.
3. Understand return on investment.
4. Use tool to make work faster.
5. To step in you need to make your profile by providing free service.
6. Work 1 month on building your reputation in the community.
7. Second route is to go fiverr, PPH, upwork etc and start selliing your sevices.
8. Route one is best way to follow to make success.
9. There is no consistency in freelancing.
10. Most of the freelancer are afraid of doing marketing. ( No confident). Make your work as good as possible so that you can be confident.
Now the dots have started to connect how one thing reinforces the other
-The value of learning a skill and using tools to make it your plus can give you a boost
-The building up of trust in the related community and the proof of your skill can build up your portfolio and get you clients consistently ..
- how your portfolio can build a following of your work ...
a valuable information from a valueable person.

Answers of the Why about freelancing are:

  • My life could easier
  • My time could save
  • I could help out my society and my country as well
  • I could help others by giving them a chance or an opportunity
  • I could become a good citizen by bringing revenue in my country from outside of the country and by paying all the taxes to support my country's economy also like all good citizens do