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30 - Service Agency Roadmap Webinar 2

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The golden nugget to success from the webinar is learning with research and experience is the key to success.

Learning + research + experience = success.

The mentor has given the detail instruction on how to get maximum from the road map project and what should be the right strategy. Take notes of the webinar during the webinar and fill your road map on the paper and complete your draft road map at the end of the webinar. if you want to make your road map and relate it with your previous road map do it toady , tomorrow will not come. You need to implement the road map on paper if you want to get maximum benefit from it. If you follow instruction you will start developing the confidence and will able to mange and succeed building your business following your road map else you will remain on learning stage only and will not get any results. Doing analysis , work on missing part on your road map, gather stats and research on the tools resources identified by the mentor are the key to success in the long run.

Do not work on assumptions be realistic. The difficult part is implementation that requires lot of research analysis and guidance. when you create your road map the things start getting clear and and you are able to align your existing road maps with it. You are able to make effective road map to achieve your target. e.g if you set your target to have a business that will give $1000 Per month after one year effort . If you have done the required hard work of you will have better plan and road map to get it else it will turn out to be night mare for you.

we must be able to align the road maps of blogging , affiliate, freelancing with that of our target business road map and able to find how you can take maximum advantage from them in achieving the business goal. But if you are on the learning stage and showing laziness for the research + experience part then your success is very far.

At this point you should be able to define what business you want to do. we must have the answer to the following questions :

will you require team or not and how much member it will have ?
what investment is required , how you will arrange it ?
how much time you will give to your business .
what tools will be helpful for it and what is your plan to buy it?
who will run the business ?
what will be the price of your service / product.

All the above question can be answered by the deep analysis and research which requires time and commitment. Note that time is constant i.e 24 hours a day the team , tools and investment are the elements we can increase and make our time more valued. Try to focus on how you can make your goals attainable. You need to answer these questions clearly without any ambiguity.

Always focus on one thing in the start of your business , if you get involved in lot of things in your business , you will get confused and ultimately fail in doing anything concrete in your business. Be specific and restrict yourself to few things in the start. Focus on one skill / niche to be result oriented. once you are specific it helps you to define your time, investment , tools and resources.The real hard work is how to achieve the goal and implement your road map after exhaustive analysis and search that it makes it living document for your business goals.

The key lesson of the day "If you are not able to define your business in simple one sentence then it means you do not have any business. when you are selecting the business type / road map type you simply cannot ignore or refuse another business type / road map type based on your assumptions. you need to create draft road map and then you take decision based on your analysis and stats.

we always try to play with the road map on our interests. We may develop interest in other business also and there are chances of growth of business in it. do keep this in mind and don't be confused.

business consistency matters a lot . it is not always your consistency in business that plays the main role. you are doing everything but you are not getting sales because your business consistency is not building up. e.g if you say that you will have 5 clients per month after 5 months if it does not happen then it is because your business is not gaining consistency.

always select the road map having more small victories that help you to achieve your business goals. Different business look charming on the paper on the road map but when step into it , it becomes nightmare. Don't fall in love with your idea. if you are victim to it , it means you will not take any action and your idea is dead from the start .

The road map created by you identify your understating of the business and how deep analysis you did for it and the research. The empty spaces, and lack of alignment with other road map will be clearly visible and the level of effort or carelessness will be prominent. The road map is very good tool to analyse the seriousness of your intention and effort for building your own business , a bird eye view. Most of the road map lacking hard work behind it have only one leg to stand on and soon falls on itself.

lesson learned: prepare your mind to work hard and be ready to analyse , search the tools , resources , platform and be ready for learning and experience . Leave the lethargic attitude . when you are doing some learning , it is the time to act on it else it will be late for ever.

Follow your mentor if want to succeed, don't try to invent the wheel by ignoring timely advice and instructions.
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