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29 - Service Agency Roadmap Webinar 1

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Agency service is the business that provides services to the other businesses on regular and continuous basis . We must create road map for it. There are businesses around us that work as agency and earning lot of revenue from it. It shows that this business model has potential to grow and earn revenue. We refer a business as an agency that have minimum 5 to 10 members having different set of skills like SEO , digital marketing, development, social media marketing and content marketing . Even a business providing single service can be considered as Agency. If you consider one time sale to your client than it is freelancing not agency. Agency can be in the form of multiple services or multiple one time sale to the same client or it can be a recurring service (monthly basis) . your service must be strong enough that you can charge your client 3 to 4 times.

if your service has layering , multiple packages , up-sales it will help you to generate multiple sales. just as an example , In design you start with $50 for logo and then drag your customer to banner , website , customization then to the software and than to the market services and than to the bigger services. It helps you to generate multiple sales from the same client.

We need to focus on getting multiple sales from the client or target 3 sales or in 3 months sales or 3 sales of its volume. There are multiple agency business from which you can select.

  1. Software agency
  2. software web development agency
  3. social media agency
  4. content marketing agency
  5. designing agency
when you say you are running an agency business it means you are doing good business. the non technical persons get confused when they talk about agency business. Now the question arises how to develop my own agency business , what are its requirements , how to build it . The findings are as follows .

you do not need any specific skill to become Agency service provider. If you know how to use tools and resources you can easily manage it.the best example is thrivethemes that provide multiple services to its client. if you acquire the same level of service , understand it, and manage it effectively it is not very difficult to use resources effectively. If you provide these service client will treat you as agency service provider.
It is not necessary to have 5 to 10 persons to run an agency, it can be tools or resources that helps you to do high level work and run agency yourself alone effectively. in short you can create best agency service business by using tools and services with one person.

you can start your agency service business even with $500 initial investment. go and see the opportunity at thrivethemes, press release service , design service. Always keep future in mind while buying the tools for your business . we have mind set that we buy tools that help us . We must buy the tools that help in the growth of our business and help us to earn revenue. These tools have complete range of training and support and very useful for our business.

Now you can grow your freelancing business as agency with the help of tools and resources and hire a person to manage it.Usually we don't focus on buying tools and services and do not understand their importance. Now you can realize that as freelancer you can grow further as an agency and in a good position to sell your business.

if you have license of youzine you can use it to develop your own design agency service business. Be wise in your investment and plan how you are going to recover your investment. It shows your where is the big money in the online business. Now set your minimum target , create road map , make risk free investment , buy tools an go for it.

We do not need to be big ourselves , we need to thing big, have big approach , big target , then we can generate big revenue.

I must say that with meager investment of $500 , complete , analysed road map , having tools like youzine, thrivethemes , mebtoring from sir , having mind shift to think big and high motivation no one stop you from becoming agency business owner.