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27 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 5

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Always keep an eye on the key points WHY? , consistency, sale and goal.We need to include another key element 'TIME' in your road map.i will help you to decide at what time you will sell your business and at what condition. if you decide that you will sell your blogging business after 6 months if you are able to sell it for $10,000. setting time will help you to monitor if you are getting closer to your goal.The time to sell your business is when your traffic is increasing , growth is happening. Do not wait for your business stats go down and you start looking to sell your business at very low price. The information product includes training, you-tube videos . it is the business that gives good ROI on less investment.Majority of digital business comes under this. We need to understand different licencing types in order to take advantage from the information product business.

Different types of License terms are as follows:

  1. PLR : private label rights
  2. MRR: Master Resale Rights
  3. Developer Rights
  4. White Label Rights
  5. Multisite License

private label rights :

it gives you the status from where you can start your business . the owner of the product gives you the wright to give it your brand and sell it. In this scenario you do not have to create your own product. It is a complete business . Even complete blog content is available on it.keep in mind that PLR is not only crappy it contains useful product but you will have to analyse it and read the license yourself. In product launch the owner give lot of bonuses that are in fact based on the PLR license they have. They give you the products of other by branding in their names. you can visit the JVzoo market and analyze how much revenue is there in it.

Master Resale Rights:

You can resale the product but cannot label it by your brand name. you can keep 100 % profit to yourself.These products will help in the growth of your businesses. you must read the the terms and conditions to decide if the product you buy under this license will be useful for you.

Developers Rights:
It is used to double your sale. for example $50 product for singe user and $ 100 for multiple sites. Due to this factor shown in the example your sale go up. If you can build your pricing structure you can make lot of difference in your business.
while buying the business based on developers rights license always consider one point that how long is the customer retention period. the longer it is the more valuable that product business is.

Always keep in mind what you will earn is the key point not what your product owner has already earned. because there is lot of work behind the big earning of the product owner that is hidden from you and you need to analyse it.

The bufferbarematrics is the place , platform that helps you to analyse the business you want to buy. The other platform is convertkit.barematric.try to understand where you stand today and where you want to go.

White Label Rights:

it is used for softwares, plugins and themes sales and purchase. you can change the label of the product , give it your brand and sell it. in this case you have to promote your brand yourself need to market it yourself. You need to work hard to achieve your business goal , no magic wand.

Do you really need to invest in new idea or new thing. why don't you buy product with the WLR and market it and generate sale.You are to decide what is wright and what is wrong for your business.


Try to follow your general road map and set it as a base for every action you take. select the other road maps and business that align with you general road map and help in achieving its goals.

The further you move in learning different road maps the easier it gets for you to get your target.The core skill to learn is through road maps is the understanding the business structures and how people earning money from them . Once we have the road map ready we have the documented business ready with us to decide which one to select according to our goals.