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26 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 4

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Umar Faizan

New member
Assalam o Alaikum!

I have been watching all webinars and all were more than enough i.e. great sessions ever but in this webinar I am still unsure how we can have those themes/plugins for free? Or how we can sell them further...? I was continuously watching the webinar and pause when required.
The only thing I am able to understand is, "to download the source code from github and then modify it"

Please tell if I am wrong. I am feeling very confused :(
We must follow the rules and regulation in order to build and grow the online community and business. We need to study the GNU general public license in detail and try to find out what our rights are. The GNU based products charge for the support not for the product. General people don't understand that they can have the GNU based themes and plugins and modify and use them in their own projects and sell them legally and morally.
one advantage with the GNU based themes and plugin is that you select the one that is closer to your idea and then build your product on it instead of doing everything from scratch. Git-hub is the repository on which you can find lot of themes and plugins available for use with the source code so that you can modify it at your ease. It is must to ready the license and understand it. there are unlimited resources available free for you to use legally and morally ,only you will have to give time to it, analyse it , read license and understand it and work on it. The sky is the limit you just be ready to work hard and follow your mentor.