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23 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 1

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1. Consistency.
If your target is to sell a certain website at 10K$ after 6 months or 1 year then here you need to work on it consistently so that after 6 month you can be able to sell it on that price.

Same goes with buying. How to manage funds to get a certain website.

it is all about the business of selling and purchasing the web properties like websites, plugins, software and themes. We must add the sale element in our business from the very first day, think about it and find ways how can we make our business suitable for sale. We need to define the point of sale or the exit point of our business in monitory terms. in sales and purchase of web properties consistency means consistent efforts in providing the resources or means to take our business to the level we can sale it. setting the sale value of our business induce great motivation for efforts and to remain focused and consistent. Always manage your business with teams so that it is suitable for sale. keep your personal brand and business brand separate so that you can sell your business independent of your brand. keep in mind that you should sell your business if it give the revenue that you could take years to generate. Flippa helps us to identify the niche in demand and can get our business idea from it. If we analyse and work on it we can have high paying clients for our services like SEO. When you want to buy website always look for the stats for the organic search value. Always do search on different websites about your business. Try to figure out if your business has potential to be sold on flippa. Start seeing your business with sale angle. Analyse flippa related to your business angle list down all the points for future reference. valid traffic is the one that is verifiable by the stats and deep analysis and visible in google analytics. Don't be fooled by the so called websites that give foolish estimates or worth of websites . they just generate traffic for them nothing else. if you want to be expert in selling websites and open new era of opportunity for yourself do the training of the flippa suggested in the session.
The key to success is analyse , analyse and analyze and understanding the system you are going to work on. No short cut only hard work. smart work is a destination we get through hard work.