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2- General - Create Your Life and Business Roadmap - Part 2

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New member
Time management, Project management, People management and making right decisions at the right time is very important. Very informative webinars so far.


New member
Even if you want to start a business in any particular field one should go to industry and learn the procedure, different cultures of industry, people management and etc etc. Running a business is kind of hell without any road map and preparation.

To be successful:
learn, unlearn, relearn


New member
Once again a lot of insight ...
What I have learnt is that
- we need to analyze the time we can consistently invest
- How much money are we willing to and can invest
- Importance of outsourcing
- The importance of internship ( how it can carve out an anthralling sculpture out of our rigid rocks
- We need tp simplify things and use the services accurately for the maximum benefits
- Be an action taker
- make an idea book
- Genuine , real , regular and consistent content can lead you to success ..
Once again Jazak Allah khair for this huge favor sir


I have watched your first two parts of General road maps. they help me a lot to understand what to do next and what type of work is beneficial for me at this stage. Thanks, sir.
I hope in upcoming roadmap plans after watching them I will more clear about which thing is better for me and which thing is not.

Sania Khalid

New member

Good session
1.ap roadmap nai bana skty jb tak 2 chexyn na hun.
* vision
*apko nai pata online kia kia horha ha
2.Ager apka business ap se ziada time mang raha ha but ap nai dey skty to outsourse start krdo
Outsourcing save your time and money helps to grow your business
3.Do anything not for money but just for fun,learning and sharing your experience for 1st 1 to 2 years.
4.system ko usky according use karo gy to wo result day ga.
5.Train ppl thay they can leave,Treat them well that they can't leave.