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18 - Social Media Marketing Roadmap Webinar 1

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Faisal Ahmad

♡ Why social media 》followers,content sharing,network, audience, brand building, sales,resale, leads,community, review.
♡ Consistency is the key to success.

Yousaf Saeed

Staff member
Sir kya Me apky lecture download kar sakta hon

Yes, you can from google drive, but instead of downloading all of them.
Just download one (01) and watch it , make notes and take action and then download second (02).

We are not going to remove it so be easy.


focus is the key point that helps one to maintain the consistency in the work and to avoid time wasting in activities not related to the main goal.we need to be specific to remain focused. Learn to avoid distractions , everything not related to your goal is distraction . understand the working of social media platform and find one that suits your goal and go detail analysis of it and document it for reference. learn how you can use social media for the growth of your bushiness. Don't let social media waste your precious time.learn to create valued content for different platform or find the resources where you can have valued content written. According to the founder of Pakistan 'the prime duty of student is focus on learning'.