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    12 - Freelancing Roadmap Webinar 4

    All freelancing webinars have changed my way of thinking that how to work professionally and effectively in the freelance market. Thanks
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    11 - Freelancing Roadmap Webinar 3

    nice learning with a practical example.
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    10 - Freelancing Roadmap Webinar 2

    thanks, sir. Another Fruitful information. in every new video, I have learned a new thing. thanks.
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    9 - Freelancing Roadmap Webinar 1

    Great learning. Step one: join communities and solve the problems of people in those communities. build a good reputation in communities by solving the problems of people in free. and after that, you promote your gigs and services. do not rely only on Freelancing platforms. promote your self.
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    6 - Blogging Roadmap Webinar 3

    Must say awesome. Learn a lot of things that how to build a website and how to work with AdSense and other ads networks, and how much ads run on one article and where to place ads ( Bottom, Mid, or on the header). how to work with affiliates.
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    5 - Blogging Roadmap Webinar 2

    bohatttttt aalaaw Sir. bht kuch learn kia is videos say. A lot of things I have learned from this webinar. before that bht mushkil lagta tha blogging. Thanks.
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    4 - Blogging Roadmap Webinar 1

    Thanks sir. Very Informative ...
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    2- General - Create Your Life and Business Roadmap - Part 2

    I have watched your first two parts of General road maps. they help me a lot to understand what to do next and what type of work is beneficial for me at this stage. Thanks, sir. I hope in upcoming roadmap plans after watching them I will more clear about which thing is better for me and which...
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    1 - IBTIC Weekly Coaching Webinar # 1

    great content sir. helping me a lot to improve my knowledge. I am working online from the last 4 years but not achieving success because of inconsistency. like, for example, sometimes I do work on youtube, sometimes on affiliate marketing, sometimes digital marketing and so on. I am not...
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    Muhammad Yousaf Saeed Interviews

    Tamoor Pardesi and you, both of you are awesome. Providing good Knwledege to people and helping them to grow. Thanks, Sir.
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    3 - Hard Work Vs Smart Work

    Thanks sir. You are doing a great job for all of us. thank again.
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    4 - Why People Are Not Getting Success?

    Thanks sir. I will watch all the videos insha Allah.
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    2 - What is Road Map and Why It is important?

    Great Content Sir. I think I will learn a lot of things from this Sitemap Series. Thanks, Sir.