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  1. Hina HM

    47 - SAAS Business Roadmap Webinar 2

    Don't escape from Problem. Take it as an opportunity. Develop Problem-solving ability in yourself. Look at the Problem, Generate Ideas/solutions. Do Idea Validation. If Yes, Take action and start working on that Idea. No matter How limited Skills You have. No Matter How Limited Time You have. No...
  2. Hina HM

    33 - Service Agency Roadmap Webinar 5

    Big Companies do not play on Price; they work on Quality to beat their competitors. Give a discount to your clients, but clients who want quality work and sincere get full packages. More clients =Work quality Down= More chargeback= Hurt your Business Reputation Fewer clients =Work quality Up...
  3. Hina HM

    22 - Social Media Marketing Roadmap Webinar 5

    Before watching these webinars about social media, I was thinking, why should I watch this. Why should I use social media for business purpose? I am just a student, learning web development and I will do freelancing on a freelance market place then, why social media? But as I am committed to...
  4. Hina HM

    1- General - Create Your Life and Business Roadmap - Part 1

    I am doing my best to implement all the important tips:) My First Assignment to evaluate my time and interest. Why do you want to do online business? I want to do online work to generate income to take paid courses/tools to save time to work more. I cannot do offline work/teaching due to some...
  5. Hina HM

    1 - IBTIC Weekly Coaching Webinar # 1

    Free content and Tips, But of premium level. #Thankyou
  6. Hina HM

    How to Find Your Passion

    I used to think of myself as an extrovert but after watching this Webinar and related content, I came to know that I am introverted. Worth Watching:) After watching this, you will realize your misconceptions about yourself. By categorizing yourself in Love and Good quadrant of success you will...
  7. Hina HM

    Your Roadmap to Success 2.0 Launch / Overview Webinar

    Thinking Before watching Webinar: Why skill is Important. Online work is so simple and I can earn 5$/project. After Watching Webinar Ans: I can Earn $500/project after getting proper knowledge of Skill. Skill will Never let You Down.