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    Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Muhammad Yousaf Saeed

    if you are new to online business and have questions and doubts it is for you. it tells you the road map to the success , help you to save your precious time, guide you in the wright direction . it clears the misconception about the quick money from the online business without hard work. it...
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    30 - Service Agency Roadmap Webinar 2

    The golden nugget to success from the webinar is learning with research and experience is the key to success. Learning + research + experience = success. The mentor has given the detail instruction on how to get maximum from the road map project and what should be the right strategy. Take...
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    29 - Service Agency Roadmap Webinar 1

    Agency service is the business that provides services to the other businesses on regular and continuous basis . We must create road map for it. There are businesses around us that work as agency and earning lot of revenue from it. It shows that this business model has potential to grow and earn...
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    28 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 6

    in the business of web properties your WHY ? contains the key elements of selling time of your business, buying the business and the budget .We are clear about min of 6 months to 12 months concept. e.g i decide that i will sell my blogging business if i start earning $200 per month for 12...
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    27 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 5

    Always keep an eye on the key points WHY? , consistency, sale and goal.We need to include another key element 'TIME' in your road map.i will help you to decide at what time you will sell your business and at what condition. if you decide that you will sell your blogging business after 6 months...
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    26 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 4

    We must follow the rules and regulation in order to build and grow the online community and business. We need to study the GNU general public license in detail and try to find out what our rights are. The GNU based products charge for the support not for the product. General people don't...
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    25 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 3

    it is important to understand and analyze the flippa platform and the web property sales and purchase road map since it helps to define how big you can play and grow in the online business. The business of themes and plugins is very big business by which people generating lot of revenue. You...
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    24 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 2

    it provides us the rules and principles for the Litmus Test for analyzing which business we can select. in our road may the key element is consistent revenue.if we find this element in the business we are considering to invest it will be suitable else we must stay away from it. The bitcoin ...
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    23 - Web Properties Roadmap Webinar 1

    it is all about the business of selling and purchasing the web properties like websites, plugins, software and themes. We must add the sale element in our business from the very first day, think about it and find ways how can we make our business suitable for sale. We need to define the point...
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    22 - Social Media Marketing Roadmap Webinar 5

    Consistency is one of the key element in the road map. it also includes content timing, be it on daily basis or weekly. you must decide it before hand so that you make content available for it in time. it will help to generate activity on your selected social media platform . you must clearly...
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    21 - Social Media Marketing Roadmap Webinar 4

    The key point is the goal in all the road maps.The goal is always driven by the WHY element we have in the road map and driving force to keep us motivated.We must make efforts to build the subscribers that are related to our business using social media platforms. If we are able to acquire 1000...
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    20 - Social Media Marketing Roadmap Webinar 3

    We must build our personal profile on Facebook and build personal branding and promote our own business. Do not waste your time in useless activities on social media that take you away from your business goal. your Facebook account should reflect you potentials as professional and business man...
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    19 - Social Media Marketing Roadmap Webinar 2

    managing your work and file is very important to make it useful resource for reference and making effective decision.we can use x-mind to manage our files folders effectively. we should always keep consistency in mind , if able to maintain it , success is guaranteed. we need to analyze the...
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    18 - Social Media Marketing Roadmap Webinar 1

    focus is the key point that helps one to maintain the consistency in the work and to avoid time wasting in activities not related to the main goal.we need to be specific to remain focused. Learn to avoid distractions , everything not related to your goal is distraction . understand the working...
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    17 - Affiliate Marketing Roadmap Webinar 4

    Never to lose hope and learn the art to be positive and find lessons from your failure and be optimistic always.Time management is the key to success.speak the truth to yourself , don't be detracted by the social media .Learn to focus on your target keep strict eyes on the factors that take you...
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    16 - Affiliate Marketing Roadmap Webinar 3

    key to success is developing the capacity and the habit to do research, at first spend time on understanding the system, build the database of the potential customer, correct your base , document the system like that of affiliate networks like amazon, jvzoo, clickbank and be patient and...
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    13 - Freelancing Roadmap Webinar 5

    it is very important to know , understand and analyze the structure and working of the platform to be successful on that platform. try to view the platform from multiple dimensions and explore the hidden gems out of it and make use of it. make proper plan and follow it. The pricing structure is...
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    15 - Affiliate Marketing Roadmap Webinar 2

    Affiliate marketing is all about your relationship and trust you have build with your audience. if you are honest with your audience and want to refer products that are useful for them then you are successful affiliate marketer. one has to do lot of research on product and show patience and...
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    14 - Affiliate Marketing Roadmap Webinar 1

    A must watch for those who want to take affiliate marketing serious. it induces the ability in a person to think about the options available in its surrounding. the things start revealing themselves and business opportunity start looking feasible. A person start thinking that he can do business.
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    12 - Freelancing Roadmap Webinar 4

    sane approach to build freelance carrier leading to your business. i must say a blueprint to success one needs to just follow it.the difficult part has been done by sir and guidance available. nothing can stop from success.