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1. Lifting magnet overhead crane brief introduction
Lifting magnet overhead crane that used to lift iron or steel blocks, cylinders and so on. It consists of bridge, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment and electromagnetic chuck. Both traveling mechanism and trolley motors are special motors for canes, large starting torque and loading capacity. Magnetic retentive is 10 minutes after power shut. The shape of electromagnet can be designed according to adsorptive goods.
2. Features of lifting magnet overhead crane
Overloading protection
Keep magnet when power off
Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer
Crane traveling and cross limit switch
Voltage lower protection function, reduce energy consumption
Main lifting motor with thermal protection
Rubber buffers
Protective earthing
Sub-assembly characteristic are tested before assembly
Emergency stop system, current over-load protection system, Excellent exchange ability for parts and components.
3. Main parts of lifting magnet overhead crane
Material: All compression structural part of crane’s components chosen material with fine quality and meet regulation. The important material has quality guarantee and inspection report.
Welding: In view of important welding seam and stress is more than tension weld of 70% allowance stress, conducting fault detection check and take out 5% weld length by ultrasonic test. Inspection report provided to user.
Magnetic chuck: Lifting Magnet Series MW5 is used for lifting and transporting steel scraps. It is suitable for transferring cast ingots and various kinds of steel scraps. It has huge magnetic force and can attract lots of steel scraps at one time. The trolley is designed to have slewing mechanism. So the lifted steel bar can change direction freely.
Motor: Drive motor must use China Top Brand: Jiangte Motor. Manufacturer have good achievement used and provided detailed and actual parameter prove that it is good performance product. Insulation class >= F; Protective class >= IP54.
Electric system: Inverter from famous brand ABB can make lifting and traveling in any speed you want specifically for your work. All mechanism is controlled by PLC.
Control panel: 3 ways are optional based on budget or need: Cabin with joystick panel, wireless control panel or pendent control panel.
Painting: All steel is treated by sand blasting before doing paintings. There are 3 layers of paintings. The bottom layer is zinc painting to prevent from rusting. The color of top surface should be average.
Limit switch for safety: mechanical limit switch: overload limit, height limit, rail end stop limit for traveling. Electric protection: short circuit protection, lose phase protection, low-voltage protection, power failure protection, over current protection.
4. Technical Parameter of lifting magnet overhead crane
5.Lifting magnet overhead crane application
Steel mill use
Steel material recycling placeElectric Overhead Crane manufacturers