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Yousaf Saeed

Staff member
Updated on: 11-1-2018

Q1: How long the access will be available or How long the content will be available?
Ans: We have no plan to take it down or remove it. Means it will be here forever or for the longer period of time.
so no need to be in hurry to watch all content fast. Be easy watch the content as per your own speed. But keep the focus on
implementing the learnings you got. Without implementation, it won't help you much.

Q2: Will I have to pay anything for Your Roadmap To Success Program?
Ans: No. We already said that it is free. All the content that is currently available will be Free and remain free.
Yes If create new one or add more then at then it will be your choice to join it or not. If you didn't join even then
your current Free access will remain free.:)

Q3: How to contact the support?
If you face any issue regarding your account. You can contact the support at [email protected]